SQ 131 Cadets

Santa Barbara Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program has a total of 10+ cadets, ready to learn, and serve their Community, State, and Nation. Cadets meet every Tuesday from 6:00PM-8:30PM learning about Aerospace and becoming outstanding leaders.

Cadet Staff Members;

C/CMSgt Thomas Radujko- Cadet Commander

C/SSGT Andrew Ji- Flight SGT


C/Amn Sailor Bellomy

C/A1C Edward Bi

C/A1C Bryan Epley

C/AB Henry Fiebert

C/Amn Ryan Motonori Ino

C/SSGT Andrew Ji

C/Amn Jace Philip

C/SSGT Jack Peterson

C/TSGT Amelia Rychlik

C/Amn Jake Rychlik